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Surviving the apocalypse is not easy because zombies are everywhere. These brainless creatures are searching for humans. You must be faster than them. Go to seek them and kill them before they overrun this world. Zombie Survival Gun 3D is waiting for you at Yiv10 with a wide range of missions.

In each mission, you have to deal with hordes of zombies. You are the chosen one who has to sneak into the buildings and kill zombies. You can’t move around like most zombie shooter games out there. And you stay still and aim and shoot at zombies. Some zombies will rush to you while some move slowly. At each level, you have to defeat several waves of zombies. You have to kill the current wave of zombies, then you will auto-move forward. If you kill zombies without getting damaged, you will get all the money but if you get attacked, you will lose some HP as well as some money.

Desert Eagle is your first gun. With earned money, you can unlock new guns including FMG, Dom-4 Rifle, Uzi-SMG3, P90, MP5, Armatile M15A4, Armatile M15, Armatile M15-3, Shotgun, Kar98, Barret 50, and M98 or upgrade your existing ones. Each gun has its own set of Fire rate, Damage, and Bullets. As you upgrade your gun, it becomes better. Even if you have a great gun, do not wait until zombies come close to you. Aim and shoot at them right after they appear. As mentioned before, some zombies will run to you.

If several zombies rush to you and you take action slowly, you will find it hard to handle them. Keep it in your mind. Have fun and if you want to challenge yourself in new shooting missions, besides this first-person shooting games, you can check out the following options Metal Army War 3 and Stickman Supreme Shooter.


Use mouse for aiming Left click for shooting Right Click For Scope Tab For Menu.

Who developer game?

Xenolia developed this game. Play it for free at

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