Zen Triple 3D, a new game by Yiv 10 based on the concept of matching things, is sure to be a hit with boys this summer, despite its challenging nature. The children, because to the simple but intricate gameplay, are allowed to enter a 3D world stocked with all sorts of things, from the commonplace to the bizarre.

Since this is a digital version of a matching game, your final objective across all difficulties will be to find the trio of identical objects that have the same attributes in terms of form, color, and size. Players will first need to observe to gain a feel for the available collection of things on the board, which will allow them to more effectively find all 3D objects within the lot.

When you're comfortable with them, you may begin the task of locating and linking the necessary collections of items. Keep track of your progress and the requirements for each level by watching the bubble on the right side of the screen.

Turning the clear bubble around will give you a bird's-eye view of everything within, teaching you how to employ props effectively in any situation. Remember that when the things in the bubble become harder to discern, you may use the acquired props or clues to help you beat the level.

Conquer all the levels in this and then study the mechanics of other similarly intriguing games, such as Donut Sort Fun. In this highly competitive environment, what position would you want to secure on the Leaderboard?


Drag the mouse to select and click to match the set of identical items.

Who developer game?

Zen Triple 3D was developed by Albayoo. Play it for free at

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