The everyday tasks of a donut chef in the yiv games unblocked cooking game Yummy Donut Factory will not be easy, since you are the only chef in a donut-baking chain! Grab the recipe, prepare the tools, and make sure to follow the steps to create the best batches of donuts to showcase to the world. First, familiarize yourself with the structure and levels of this online game. The foundation, the cream, the ornamentation, and the finishing touches will be created by completing four primary tasks.

In the first step, you must combine sugar, milk, eggs, and other materials to create a doughnut dough combination, which includes sugar, milk, and eggs. Choose the correct one and add a modest quantity to create the most acceptable and tasty dough for frying. Once it has reached the desired level of fluffiness, you may proceed to the following stage in constructing the donut shape. Choose the frames and cut the donuts into the desired shapes. Place the doughnuts in the oven so that they get lovely and crispy.

Now is the time to whip the cream, decorate, and adorn the cake with eye-catching and delectable toppings such as candies, sprinkles, icing cream, and others! Become the finest donut maker who can create the most gorgeous decorating and a delectable donut dough foundation immediately! We expand the world of players with exciting games and you will absolutely love these new games on the Share some other cooking games similar to this game like Cooking Korean Lesson. You will have the opportunity to become a small chef today. Let's see how many amazing donuts you can create in one go!


Click and move the mouse to interact or use the swipe motion on mobiles and tablets.

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Yummy Donut Factory was developed by iclickgames. Play it for free at

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