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In the online game World Of Fighters: Iron Fists, the streets are overrun with gangs and street thugs who have teamed up to dominate the territory. But can you lead your group, known as the "Iron Fist," to the top rank of the game and change the situation? With its pixelated animation reminiscent of old-school arcade games, this Yiv hot game has quickly captured the attention of players.

As the leader of the Iron Fist, you must operate outside the law and participate in the toughest fights to emerge victorious. Take on the evil guys and clean up the city, one battle at a time. Only then can you face off against the boss and become the champion of the street and the city.

To claim the winning spot in each stage, you must perform your best moves. Each character in the game can be unlocked using a specific number of coins and scores. Therefore, it's crucial to collect as many coins and scores as possible before moving on to the boss levels.

Start by selecting a suitable character based on your current level of coins. Each character has unique characteristics, strengths, and differences in punches and kicks that make them suitable for different missions. By choosing a character that fits your fighting style, you can increase your chances of wiping out the game board quickly. Here at yiv fighting games, keep your eyes on some popular gaming options of Stickman Fighting 2 Player or Rainbow Rocket Ninja. Each with its signature genre, gameplay, themes, and highlights.


Use arrow key to move Z to punch X to kick C to defend Space to Jump. Double tap left or right and z or x to perform special attack!

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Synk Inc developed this game. Play it for free at

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