Vex is a series of exciting action games. The 6th version is now officially on the market, and it pushes all players to their limits with Vex 6 at If you have passed all prior iterations, this will be a difficult test for you.

You will control a figure wearing a black shirt to conquer all of the difficulties and hazardous hazards in a strange labyrinth, while the game's rules remain unchanged from previous iterations. You will encounter deadly traps and hurdles at every turn. They are not grouped according to any rules, and they are all ready to swiftly annihilate you.

The highlight of Vex 6 at yiv10 online games is the increasing difficulty level significantly. Continuously test your skills to leap over death pits, climb over hurdles, and leap wherever over rocks. You will feel as if you are in a genuine race filled with various emotions. You will not have time to contemplate; instead, you will be required to manage circumstances continually and act with caution.

The lack of eye-catching and appealing visuals is a detriment to Vex 6. It does not emphasize colors or pictures of characters. Everything is quite simple, and there are no colorful pictures to lure gamers. Despite this, the game continues to draw a significant number of players due to the appeal and intensity of each round.

You must gather as many coins as possible, since this is also a vital duty. Don't forget to spend them to purchase power-ups or upgrade to a more potent version so you can defeat all obstacles with ease. Don't miss the opportunity if you want to play other similar versions like Flappy Pumpkin.


Use the arrow key or WASD to move and overcome all challenges.

Who developer game?

Vex 6 was developed by Agame. Play it for free at

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