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Experience endless thrills and excitement in the captivating online game Survivor In Rainbow Monster, available on Yiv 10 Games. Prepare to embark on a heart-pounding escape that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Join numerous individuals who, like you, have fallen victim to kidnapping and find themselves trapped in a perilous realm known as Monster. Within this treacherous domain, ravenous monsters lurk, relentlessly hunting down their human prey. Only those who possess agility and cunning can hope to evade their clutches. Failure to escape will result in a dire fate.

Together, let us immerse ourselves in this enthralling game, where players showcase spectacular hiding skills. By remaining focused and adept at handling various situations, victory can be ours. Engage in the thrilling Survivor In Rainbow Monster game alongside fellow enthusiasts by accessing the Action Games category. Be the ultimate survivor in this groundbreaking mobile adaptation of Rainbow. Assume the role of a nameless child who, during a fateful school trip to Spooky Park and becomes ensnared in an unexpected kidnapping. Your innocent playtime is abruptly halted as you find yourself thrust into a desolate alien landscape, devoid of any life forms except for yourself and the enigmatic rainbow monster.

Prepare for an unforgettable gaming experience as you must now navigate five harrowing nights, each presenting unique quests and challenges. In addition, your objective is to complete these tasks while evading the ever-present rainbow monsters. Brace yourself for the excitement that awaits you in this extraordinary adventure.

Are you ready to enter this captivating game and discover a world filled with wonder? Together, we will conquer new and enticing obstacles. With its stunning graphics and flawless execution, Survivor In Rainbow Monster promises to deliver an immersive gameplay experience. Will you emerge as the ultimate survivor in this gripping contest? Your fate lies in your own hands. Let us embark on this journey of ingenuity and skill, ready to face whatever awaits us. Let's experience some other games similar to Idle Island Build And Survive and Tomb of the Mark 2.


Use arrow keys to play.

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Bin Studio developed this game. Play it for free at

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