GAME INFO 2 Chaos Giant is multiplayer game available for free at Yiv 10 Online Games. All of the Marvel universe's superheroes have assembled for the biggest fight ever. Everyone who plays this game will enter the combat as one of those superheroes, and everyone's main goal is to win. A match lasts longer than one minute, and to win, you must endure until the timer runs out. Each superhero employs a different weapon, yet they all use the same type of assault. It's best to avoid other players and focus on gathering colorful dots on the map as soon as you join the battlefield. Unlike many IO games at in contrast to other situations in which the small cannot assault the larger, you can attack them if you are smart and fast enough. The trick is to assault them from behind. You cannot fight larger or more powerful opponents face to face because their weapons are larger and longer. Break a leg and enjoy other interesting games on our site such as City Runner Instructions: Mouse to move and left-click to attack. Who developer game? 2 Chaos Giant was developed by LoraStudio. Play it for free at


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