How do you usually spend your weekends? Are you free from work or do you remain working? Let’s relax with exciting parties. A music party is about to start in Super Friday Night Funki at Do you want to join? You are responsible for providing music during the party.

You must hit the same buttons as the indicators that are rising from the bottom of the screen. However, do not immediately push the buttons after the indicators show. You must wait until each symbol reaches its corresponding position at the top of the screen. If not, you will miss and your mission will fail.

If you have previously played audition games, this one will seem pretty familiar. However, rather of clicking the buttons to dance, you do so to play music. There are several stages, and to unlock the next one, you must complete the current one without making any errors.

On yiv10, it’s easy at the beginning but as you progress, the signs fly at higher speed and you find it hard to press several buttons at once. Your hand-eye coordination will be pushed to the ultimate test. In addition, your response time must be quick enough to keep up with the music.

This game is both entertaining and difficult. It may cause you to quit after the first attempt, but it also keeps you playing until all levels are unlocked. Surely, a gathering would not be enjoyable without music. Enjoy your weekend with free music and games available on our website. We also suggest some similar games that you can save to your favorite game list to relax when you have free time like Ball Rush. What are you waiting for?


Use Arrow Keyboard or Mouse.

Who developer game?

Super Friday Night Funki was developed by Play it for free at

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