Boxing games will bring attraction to many players. Join now the online game Street Mayhem Beat Em Up at Yiv10 online. Accept all challenges! When you are introduced as a professional athlete, you will be overjoyed. The fight between the two opponents is intense. Life and success are inextricably linked. Are you terrified of facing a difficult opponent? The game will help you improve your abilities. Don't pass up the chance to encounter numerous fresh and surprising spots in this game. We shall overcome all of these obstacles together. I'd want to invite you on a lengthy journey. You must combat bad men and mutants in various locations. In this combat, you are surrounded by numerous pals.

In another aspect of the game, the 2-player mode, you may engage in classic battles with your pals. The player who wins three rounds wins the game! Have fun with the online game Street Mayhem Beat Em Up at Yiv 10 Games. Accept all challenges and improve your combat abilities. This intriguing game will have everything. More enjoyment! You will continue to attack your opponent. The opponents will have an opportunity to assault you if you are one step behind.

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Use arrow keys or WASD to move, space key to jump; F, G to attack, and H to defend.

Who developer game?

Street Mayhem Beat Em Up was developed by RHM Interactive. Play it for free at


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