In Stickman vs. Poppy Army, the stickman's base is under siege by the Poppy army, making for a fun mashup of a shooter game and a tower defense game. The stickman army seems to be going to be defeated here at They need need your assistance. Lend them a helping hand in guarding their stronghold. It's really similar to other tower defense games that you may have tried. You have various war armies. At start, though, you'll only have access to Pistol and Stick soldier. The quantity of coins you get at the end of each level determines how many troops you may purchase. You may face off against more formidable foes by slaying monsters and using the resulting coinage to upgrade your army. Simply equip the soldier of your choice with sufficient coinage by dragging him to an open position on the field, and he will begin firing automatically against nearby foes. After a while, you'll be able to recruit more troops, giving you access to a full complement of weapons such the Pistol, Stick, Gun, Rifle, and Sniper. Of course, the later warriors are more pricey than the prior ones but they are more strong. They'll come in handy later on while facing up against more challenging enemies.

In this yiv10 online game, you get diamonds in addition to money for beating foes. In this game, diamonds are not used to call in reinforcements, but rather to improve the abilities of your existing army. As in other level-based games, it becomes more difficult to complete your task as you progress, making the placement of soldiers in strategic positions to attack the opponent all the more crucial. Using an upgrade makes killing foes considerably simpler. Good luck and conquer all levels before you start new games such as Bazooka Boy Online.


Use mouse on desktop or touch on your mobile device.

Who developer game?

Stickman vs Poppy Army was developed by Vdo Games Ltd. Play it for free at


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