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Stickman Fighting 2 Player is an addicting action-packed fighting game for 2 players that you can play for free anytime at yiv 10 games. You will have the opportunity to experience something epic, exciting, and pleasurable thanks to the game's entertaining gameplay and realistic ragdoll physics. Each player controls a combatant and attempts to beat the opponent in order to win. Bring your opponent's health to zero in each stage.

The game has several game modes, such as Gravity, Way of the Ninja, Cowboy, Stick of Law, etc. Each mode has many levels, and each level demands that you achieve three objectives. They must eliminate all foes, refrain from using any boosters, and finish within 15 seconds. To win this game, talent is not necessary. Instead, you should respond as quickly as possible. Kick, punch, or slap your foe to cause him to lose HP and eventually die.

This yiv fighting games gives you 5 hearts. Each time you lose or restart a level, you lose one heart, which gradually regenerates over time. In some levels, you will get a weapon to use against your opponent. Do not cease. Continue assaulting him until he is dead. If you stop assaulting, you give your opponent the opportunity to kill you.

There is no limit to the number of times an opponent may be attacked. Hence, there is no need to halt. Remember that there is no time for relaxation. After only one second of rest, you will be rendered unconscious. Don't give up if you lose and break a leg! Restart the current level and try again. This time, you may succeed. This is a great opportunity for you to experience some other games similar to Rainbow Rocket Ninja at


Player 1 uses WASD and player 2 uses arrow keys.

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Stickman Fighting 2 Player was developed by Play it for free at

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