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Numerous reflexes may be honed through the use of thinking games. Discover now the online game Stacktris 2048 at yiv games. While playing, you will need a great deal of rapid mental response. Compete with everyone and get as many points as possible. If you like entertaining puzzles, you will have the chance to encounter them and will not be bored. This is an addictive cube merging game for fans of number-based logic games. Consider that you can reach the year 2048. Well-known problem, seen from a new perspective. Now, not only do the cubes line up on the plane, but they also line up. Do not attempt to create this game; you will fail. You will rapidly lose. Create a successful plan and score the most points possible.

Invite your friends to join the online game Stacktris 2048 at Receptive to new experiences! The objective of the game is to score as many points as possible by matching identical blocks. When multiple identical cubes are linked together, a bigger cube is created. The game's conclusion is decided by the maximum score. You lose as soon as the cubes reach the height restriction. You just need to monitor the movement to arrange the boxes in accordance with the logic so that they may combine. If you match the incorrect boxes, the boxes will overlap, and the game will end immediately. We also suggest giving players some other exciting games so you can relax in your free time such as Xmas Pic Puzzler. Please choose a game that suits your interests and degrees. Your age and join today.


Swipe left / right - turn the platform with cubes; Touch - Drop the cube down.

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Stacktris 2048 was developed by Mirra Games. Play it for free at

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