Experience the exciting and straightforward gameplay of Stack Colors, available at Free Yiv games online. The game's primary objective is to collect objects of a particular color and reach the finish line with as many objects as possible. You'll control a character that changes color, influencing the color of the objects you need to collect. But be cautious, as picking up objects of other colors will result in losing your colored objects. Losing them all means the game ends.

Be ready for rapid color changes in some areas, requiring you to act quickly to collect the right objects. The game's interface is harmonious and colorful, providing a comfortable visual experience to players. It's a simple yet challenging game that will keep you engaged and entertained.

Join your friends and discover more fun with Stack Colors at Yiv arcade games. With various surprises in store, how far will you go? How many objects of the same color will you collect? Your ingenuity is the key to success. The gameplay is relaxing and straightforward, and you'll feel great playing it. Focus on collecting objects of the same color and practice precision agility to reach the finish line successfully. There are many other games, I'm sure you will like some others similar like Color Gravity.


Use the mouse.

Who developer game?

VOODOO developed this game. Play it for free at

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