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How many games about Squid Game have you ever tried at yiv10 games? Do not be shocked, as we have something fresh for you. It is called Squid Run. There is only one way to survive here, and that is to race past all obstacles and reach the finish line. The game consists of three rounds. If you survive three rounds, you are awarded an enormous reward. You vie for victory against other players. Determine the player with the highest skill and speed.

Start sprinting when the clock reaches zero, but avoid any obstacles along the route. When you fall into a trap, you will not be eliminated, but you will lose time. Others will pass you and leave you in their wake. When time expires in the first round and you have not yet crossed the finish line, you lose. To advance to the final round, you must be the first competitor to cross the finish line in the second round.

Here at, while running and avoiding obstacles, you also have to focus on collecting energy. It is of great assistance in these problems. Be cautious with the acceleration pads. It helps you acquire speed quickly, but as you can see, there is always a lethal trap in front of each speed-up pad. If you are not quick and fortunate enough to dodge it, then you already know the outcome. The gameplay and controls are simple to learn but difficult to master. Everyone may enjoy this game, but not everyone can win three consecutive rounds without losing. Can you make it? We suggest giving players new similar games with this fun game to relax in their free time such as Heroball Adventures. What are you waiting for without unlocking all levels now?


Swipe your finger or arrows to change the row.

Who developer game?

Squid Run was developed by 2Play. Play it for free at

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