Squadron Hero: Alien Invasion is a fantastic fighting game in which you must defeat a super-powerful alien army that is attempting to take over the earth. Here at Yiv 10 Online, you can choose one from 2 characters. They all employ various weapons. The blue hero employs a rifle, whereas the red hero employs a unique sword. The game has 30 levels, but if you complete all of them with one character, you may begin with a new set of 30 levels with the other. Because they utilize different weapons, even though all of the levels are the same, you will have a varied gameplay experience depending on the character you pick.

Just do what you have to do to protect the earth from invasions in this exciting yiv10 game. As you go, additional adversaries with varying attack patterns will arrive to destroy you. You will battle more than one adversary at a time. As a result, you must use caution and balance when attacking and defending. Remember to employ two special attacks, especially if you become vulnerable to the adversary. These extraordinary attacks are not always accessible to use. They require some time to prepare. The entire world is counting on you. Good luck! After sweeping the enemies out of this planet, you can spend your time playing other fun games such as Ragdoll Duel 2P.


Arrow keys to move, Ctrl, and Space to use special attacks.

Who developer game?

Squadron Hero : Alien Invasion was developed by Playtouch. Play it for free at


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