Another game about the king of sports is available at Yiv10 Online. It's called the Spiderman Penalty. Have you ever participated in a soccer game with superheroes? In this fascinating game, you will face off against Spider-Man. It's a straightforward version of football. Instead of commanding 11 players on the pitch and attempting to score as many times as possible, this game is all about penalties, and you are the one who takes them and helps your side win. Do you have what it takes to win a penalty shootout, especially when the opposition team's goalie is Spider-Man? Don't be concerned.

Spider-Man will not shoot nets to block your shot, but he possesses all of the necessary abilities of a skilled goalie; so, it is difficult to shoot the ball through Spider-Man and score. You must remain cool and concentrate on each shot. Try to anticipate the goalkeeper's movements and distract him so that he cannot determine the direction of the ball. It's difficult to aim and score, just as in other football games at

You start with three balls and can advance to the next level if you score three points. If you miss one shot, you lose a ball and are unable to reach the next level since you do not have three scores. When you score three times in a row, you have the option of upgrading one of four stats: Score, Ball, Skill, and Power. It is critical to improve these data. It aids in increasing your chances of success. Show off your skills and deny the opposing team any chance of victory. Here are some enjoyable options for you: ….. and ….


Mouse to shoot.

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Spiderman Penalty was developed by Play it for free at


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