Description Shot Trigger Game:

Have you ever considered being a killer? If not then the game Shot Trigger at yiv online will bring you something you have never had before. Explore immediately with a browser-based, free online game. Let's go! Good luck! In this game, the user commands a lethal assassin on a mission. As a skilled assassin, you must accurately murder all of your adversaries.

Are you ready for this quest? You will move into an empty lot where enemies will be ready to destroy you. You must keep an eye out for opponents and move and drag when you see them. Respond swiftly to the opponent's continual barrage with your gun in order to defeat them. Then, initiate combat with the remaining villains.

Do you want to win this game? If so, you must eliminate every opponent. The game will provide you with several unique experiences. Play as an assassin with superior shooting skills and unravel the secrets awaiting you in the game.

All those great things are only in the game Shot Trigger at Do not forget to share the intriguing game with your friends, and your friends who join in the game today will have the chance to become the most professional assassins ever and eliminate all of your opponents. We also regularly update the latest shooting games so that players can participate when they have free time and relax like Agent Alpha. You just need to select and follow the guide to get the best results in your game.


Use mouse to be able to destroy the opponents.

Who developer game?

Shot Trigger was developed by BPTop. Play it for free at

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