Welcome to Shadow Ninja Revenge online game at Yiv10 free games online. Join now and have a great time. We will encounter a terrible conflict with many heroic soldiers together. In the midst of a terrible struggle with several deadly scary traps. Are you prepared to do so? Enter the perilous fight to rescue the land. We will have a great time playing this game. There are more surprises in store for you. While playing, try to accumulate as many victories as possible. We have high hopes for success in order to free the land. Begin the Shadow Ninja Revenge quest. Survive on a trip filled of obstacles and foes by using your weapons. Kill your foes and be alert for assaults. Swords, spears, flying stones, and other weapons.

Wish you have moments of relaxation and fun in the game Shadow Ninja Revenge at The game is a recreation of an ancient kingdom. There were Japanese warriors who were forced to engage in bloody conflicts. This game requires you to use a variety of talents. We can significantly enhance the fighting level. You'll hop and explore your way all the way to combat. Run quickly and step past hazards such as deadly traps. You will defeat the enemies and flee safely. With an intriguing visual design. The vision of the struggle against a dark murky night will astound you. You appear to be lost in a dark maze full with hiding perils. We'll go over each of these hazards one by one. The game is quite entertaining. How many levels will you complete and how many points will you earn? It all depends on your ingenuity. If you love this game, you can play some other games similar to Straw Hat Samurai.


Use WASD or arrow keys to play.

Who developer game?

Shadow Ninja Revenge was developed by Hihoy. Play it for free at


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