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Join the rescue mission to become a hero with one of Rope Rescue Puzzle online games at free online yiv 10 games. You will become the greatest rope-thrower ever. A free, straightforward game that provides unusual and intriguing challenges. In this simple game, you must just pull the rope to rescue everyone from the flames. Everyone finds it very appealing, entertaining, and addicting. Since your objective requires accuracy down to the meter, you will play perfectly. You will play the role of a lifeguard who responds to a fire to save innocent victims. This game's many intriguing features will be enhanced.

Are you ready to push yourself and challenge yourself in Rope Rescue Puzzle online game at yiv puzzle games. Finish your many new features. We will break through with a really distinct playing style. You will utilize the long rope to create a gadget for rescue. Attach the wire to the correct location where the ambulance is positioned. On a mission to transport the terrified innocents to the ambulance so that they may be treated. You will find everything to be really intriguing.

Everyone will be exposed to a multitude of innovative rescue tactics. Maybe, when in fact, we must use the same principles. Enjoy yourself and have fun. Attempt to cross the finish line. You will do a few of the most efficient tasks. Extremely engaging visual design, realistic visuals, and vibrant audio. We will practice several rescue procedures. You will undertake several new assignments. Practice some other skills when playing a game similar to 2048: Puzzle Classic.


Drag the rope to create a safe path. Try to carry all the people in the rope and save them all.

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Parkour Block 4 was developed by Poly Games. Play it for free at

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