Red Panda is a fun and hard casual adventure game about a red panda who really wants to meet his girlfriend. He is having some difficulties here at and needs your assistance to attain his goal. So your objective is to guide the red panda to the rare stones in order to unlock the hidden door and meet his sweetheart. When the red panda strikes the wall, he sprints automatically and switches courses.

You only need to click or tap at the proper time to make him leap over obstacles, gather jewels, and reach the exit. At each level, you must perform the same thing. Once the red panda has collected all of the diamonds, the hidden entrance will be revealed. Because there is no time restriction in this game, you don't need to worry about it. Allow the red panda to move around until you're ready to leave. As with any level-based game at Yiv 10 Online, the difficulty level rises as you go.

More lethal traps arise, and the red panda's running speed appears to grow. Furthermore, the gem is positioned in a more difficult location, making the red panda difficult to access. It will be far more difficult to pick the best time to jump. The red panda's life may be taken if the jump is made too soon or too late. He is excited to meet his girlfriend, and she is equally excited to see him. Make certain that you safeguard him and assist in their reunion.

Enjoy the journey and don’t forget to discover other adventures in some fun games such as….and….


Mouse or touch.

Who developer game?

Red Panda was developed by Games Hub Studio. Play it for free at!


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