What is Real Boxing Fighting Game all about?

Looking for an exhilarating boxing and fighting simulator game to enjoy during your leisure time? Look no further than Real Boxing Fighting Game, available at Yiv Free Games. This epic and challenging game is sure to keep you entertained. With its 9 levels and 4 difficulty settings, you'll need to conquer each level to progress to the next round. To familiarize yourself with the gameplay and controls, it's recommended to start with the Easy mode. Once you feel confident, you can take on the other difficulties to truly test your skills.

In order to emerge victorious, you'll need to unleash a barrage of punches, kicks, and various combos to deplete your opponent's HP. When your own HP is running low, you have the option to switch to your second boxer. Yes, you can bring two wrestlers into a round and interchange them at your discretion. As previously mentioned, mastering combos is key to knocking out your rival. Enjoy every single moment here and in other cool games such as Funny Ragdoll Wrestlers.

Real Boxing Fighting Game offers a total of 18 combos, including Necklock Facebuster, Skypowerbomb, Facebuster Punch, Neckcrasker, Neckbreaker, and more. However, these powerful maneuvers aren't immediately accessible. You must complete specific levels to unlock them. Utilize these combos strategically to defeat your rival swiftly. As you progress through the game, you'll encounter more experienced opponents with higher stamina. The greater their stamina, the more challenging it becomes to emerge victorious.

Your own stamina will also fluctuate as you advance through the levels. However, having low stamina doesn't necessarily equate to weakness. By employing your combos effectively and attacking at opportune moments, you can still triumph. Prior to starting a round, you have the option to select four combos from those available. Now, go ahead and give it your all!


WASD to move and mouse to punch/hit/use combos.

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