Poppy Playtime Adventures is a fun shooting and platformer game in Yiv 10 Online Games. There are four levels in all, with each level requiring you to return home within two minutes. To accomplish this, you must go ahead and shoot down any creature that approaches you. You must first kill them before they can take your life. When they get too close, simply move back and keep shooting at them. Some creatures are capable of evading your strike. This is inconvenient since you will lose HP before you can kill them.

In this game, you will acquire weapons, HP, and jewels. Those weapons gathered have a limited lifespan. That implies they'll run out of ammunition and won't be able to reload. When such weapons are rendered ineffective, you will revert to your original weapon. You must be cautious with every jump and move you make, in addition to keeping an eye out for enemies. You can’t buy anything with coins; therefore, just kill enemies and run towards your home before time runs out. Enjoy it and the following games: Impostor Assassin.


Space to shoot, Arrow keys to move.

Who developer game?

Poppy Playtime Adventures was developed by LogFunc Ltd. Play it for free at


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