Have a great fun with this runner game in yiv10! In Poppy Huggie Escape, you must flee your greatest nightmare! You are being pursued swiftly from behind by a really terrifying beast. Therefore, do not look back, since you have no time to waste. Can you run as fast as you can to escape this nightmare?

Find yourself in the presence of huggy. Attempt to flee the home while avoiding several things via sprinting, leaping, and sliding. Plan your escape from this chamber, for Scary Huggy is back for another room of terror!

First, the desired number of keys must be reached by running over them. The second essential factor is your platform's operating performance. Without tripping or coming in contact with the spikes, run quickly and steadily.

Have fun by playing Poppy Huggie Escape on the site Kissy is permitted to traverse a horrifying and eerie chamber where enemies are being led by Wuggy. Collect all the keys to unlock the doors, or the pursuant will pursue you. Utilize the score to unlock new chasers in the store, like Huggy, Freddy, Sonic.exe, and Zombie. We are constantly updating similar games with this game around the world that you can't miss like Monster School Challenge 3. Are you ready for the most exciting journey which we bring to players?

Key Features:

- 2D spooky graphics

- Gloomy atmosphere

- Easy controls

- Challenging platform

- Automatic running motion


Use the keyboard arrows to jump and crouch to run the obstacles. Touch and drag the screen on mobile and tablet devices to jump and crouch.

Who developer game?

Poppy Huggie Escape was developed by Play it for free at

Tag Game:

Hypercasual, Running, Huggy, Jumping, Escape, Horror,


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