Witness the unique clashes that the fight The 3D version of Yiv 10 Games is how the game is first shown to players. In Paper Fighter 3D, you may fight like a paper hero. We suggest this game if you're interested in a 3D fighting game.

Martial artists are eager to prove their mettle in this competition. There are three rounds in each match, and the winner is determined by achieving a total of two rounds. It's important to timing your punches and kicks correctly, since your special attack won't be available until your energy bar is completely full. Take use of in-game hints in every skirmish and teach your pals the ropes!

They're ready to enter our virtual universe. After a long day of studying, you may unwind with the novel forms of entertainment. Select fights ranging from simple to challenging. This trip develops into a crusade. You and a buddy may square off against the computer or one other. Include the latest and greatest from both worlds, as well as our extensive game library. There have been several heroes who have emerged victorious and at the pinnacle of the leaderboards. Any given match is susceptible to defeat. However, gamers may put their abilities to use and finish innumerable games in their leisure time by playing them online.

Do you feel ready to play with us at In addition, a large number of gamers are enthusiastic about the new environment and are determined to do all of the available quests. Pick the right game mode and advance through the ranks until you're in a position to deliver the killing blow. Many players want to join the wars of the online version of the game like Red Stickman: Fighting Stick. Unlock and discover new special journeys today.


Player 1: WASD to move, F to punch, G to kick, R to special attack.

Player 2: arrow keys to move, L to punch, K to kick, O to special attack.

Who developer game?

Paper Fighter 3D was developed by RHM Interactive. Play it for free at

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