Description Offroad Masters Challenge Game

Discover how to navigate through various landscapes, continents, regions, mountainous terrains, and countries with the Offroad Masters Challenge game. Which offers the latest driving gameplay from Yiv. This fast-paced driving game is your chance to build a career as a racer and master the ultimate challenge of off-road paths and routes. Your task is to keep your vehicles moving on the toughest terrains, hands-free! If you love free driving adventures with a huge truck in a massive off-road crash arena, then this is the game for you.

At Free Online Yiv Games, all the models provided in this game are customizable. You can choose from a variety of modifications such as adding horsepower, modifying the engine, tires, or interior to suit your style. The main objective of the game is to overcome the lengthy racing route, steep climb roads. And survive the dangerous curves on the course. Discover your passion and train your skills to reach higher levels and compete in more complicated races, achieving the highest scores possible.

To make it out alive and in first place in this race, ensure that you purchase more updates and boosters for your car after each race. As you progress through the game from Yiv Racing Games, you will encounter plenty of new surprises. Therefore, it's crucial to fulfill as many technical upgrades as possible before entering the most intense battle. Other similar car games are also fun and exciting for a memorable playtime such as Extreme Runway Racing and Asphalt Retro!


Single Player Game:

Move: "W, A, S, D" or "ARROW KEYS", Move camera: "MOUSE" and "LEFT-CLICK", Switch camera: "C", Restart: "R", Light: "F".

Two Player Game:

Player 1: Move: "ARROW KEYS", Switch camera: "C", Reset Car Position: "R", Light: "F".

Player 2: Move: "ARROW KEYS", Switch camera: "K", Reset car position: "O", Light: "L".

Who developer game?

RHM Interactive developed this game. Play it for free at


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