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How long can you keep your business open? This is a challenging question. You can find your own answer in – a fun yet challenging management game at yiv online games. Here, you play a boss of a start-up company. The job of a manager is not easy. You must have skills and experience.

When you first open, your office space is limited, so you can only bring in four people to work there. Hire your first employee right now. Every day, you'll need to spend money on the operation of your business. And you need to ensure that the price of your stock keeps rising. If it fails, your business will be over. You'll need to make sound choices about who to hire and who to fire, as well as other personnel matters. They will have many demands, and if you can't meet all of them, your staff will be unhappy and maybe violent. When your business grows, so does the cost of keeping it operational.

This yiv io game sounds easy but no. Your choices will either make them feel better about themselves or worse. As they begin to buckle under the strain, instead of making them return to work immediately, give them time off to relax with hobbies like gaming or go on vacation.

Furthermore, make sure your staff has a pleasant place to work by providing them with spacious offices and fun perks like games and ping pong tables. Keep in mind that a happy workforce maintains high production, whereas a dissatisfied workforce is less successful at creating revenue. Build a large, prosperous company by being an astute manager. Give it a try and don’t forget to check out other exciting games such as 2 and


Use mouse to play and keyboard.

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