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Noob vs Pro Stick War at free yiv games is a battle strategy game with Noob diggers and Noob warriors. It resembles military heritage, but in space, with entertaining animations. The conflict between the man and the stick figure is really heated. You will play the position of workforce manager for the noobs. His army specializes in mining, but it is difficult for mining to penetrate the stickman-dominated territory. The mining will be conducted discreetly and quietly.

If the stickman discovers the truth, a very bloody battle will ensue. But ultimately, something must transpire. All of your preparation will not be in vain. You will command your employees to extract minerals, which are stone statues of construction stick figures, using various equipment. That is, you have entered hostile territory. You are really careful.

Experience the online game Noob vs Pro Stick War at yiv action games to get more new experiences. Start playing this intriguing game. Tap or click to get more laborers for minerals and warriors for combat. Destroy your opponent's statue. Are you prepared to do these tasks? Play now and prepare to uncover all the heavyweights awaiting you.

Stickman will not interfere with your mineral enrichment procedure. Demonstrate quick wit and diligence to complete the task. Captivate every player with your originality. Share with them the game's amusement and distinctiveness. The gameplay is straightforward, and you will get used to several new levels and state changes. There are many interesting games, practice some other games similar to Squid 2 Glass Bridge at


Touch the screen or use the mouse to play.

Who developer game?

It was developed by Stickman vs Monster School Team. Play it for free at

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