Do you want to start a character's life again from scratch in the yiv online io game: You get to explore this massive 2D world and make choices like if the protagonist has to find work or whether he should eat trash. Everything from owning a home to staying in an odd building in the city is possible in this online game.

The first step in getting the cash you need to buy the things is to go looking for the money stack. The money stacks have directional arrows so you can easily find them anywhere you go. You may buy more and more buildings as your commissions get larger. Profit by renting them out to other online gamers.

Improving your character by giving them new abilities like using a computer, sweeping, or negotiating is also crucial. It's merely a digital simulation of reality, only this time you have complete command. If you want to work with computers, you'll need computer abilities, whereas if you want to make money sweeping the streets, you'll need broom skills. Quickly amass the money stack and guard the stock at all costs! It's an investigation with a deep narrative, one you may dig in many places to discover new features, abilities, and individuals.

You will have over 15 standard changes to make and 6 meters to monitor. How well do you think you'd do in this massive metropolis, where everyone is unique and everyone can change how they look? Invest your hard-earned cash wisely to advance the plot. Don't forget that our new collection consists of some other equally interesting games such as Ghost Fight IO, all from without a dime!


Click WASD to move the character. Use E to throw an item away, and M to open the map.

Who developer game? was developed by LapaMauve. Play it for free at


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