Monsters Attack Impostor Squad is the latest shooter game about Among Us characters at Yiv 10 Games Online. This time, an imposter team is being attacked by a monster squad. You are on the side of the imposter team, and you must assist them in defeating their foes. You control a squad of three impostors and must eliminate all foes in each level to complete the current mission and progress to the next. To be more specific, in a squad of three, you have direct control over just one character, who moves and shoots at targets. The other two characters will fight the opponents automatically. And the unique feature is that you may swap between three characters, and any individuals in the team that die do not effect the outcome of a combat.

You may defeat your opponents with just one character and a clever offensive strategy. Each hero in your squad has various stats, which you may improve with cash earned throughout combat. Because they have varied strengths, you should switch heroes at appropriate times to take advantage of them.

This game features 18 levels of increasing difficulty. You will later fight three distinct beasts. They are bosses, and killing them is significantly more difficult than killing their subordinates. That is why, anytime you have enough cash, you should improve your heroes. This is a one-of-a-kind shooter game that will provide you with a unique gaming experience when compared to other selections in the same genre. It's a little too heavy in terms of gameplay, but it's a lot of fun.


C to change hero, arrow keys to move, Z to attack, X to use special ability.

Who developer game?

Monsters Attack Impostor Squad was developed by Taptapking. Play it for free at


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