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Mega City Stunts is finally available at Are you ecstatic? If you're searching for a terrific racing game with excellent gameplay, a garage full of hot sports cars, many game modes, and more, you shouldn't overlook this one. You may play this game alone or with a buddy on the same computer. It consists of stunt challenges and races. Regardless of the game style, your primary aim is to be the first racer to cross the finish line.

By finishing the race in first position, you may advance to the next level. As previously said, this game has three game modes: racing, free driving, and questing. Let's explore each mode immediately. The racing mode has eight races. Solo players may win money while racing to the top of the leaderboard. If you play with a buddy, your goal is to finish first.

With the Free Drive mode of this yiv games unblocked. You are free to drive around the city. It is tedious to just drive around. You may gather money stacks spread over the area, do incredible acrobatics in the stunt arena, or drive on a crowded route to make this game more exciting. So, what exactly is the quest game mode?Is there anything enjoyable?In the quest mode, there are six stunt tasks to complete.

Each completed assignment will result in a prize. In addition, after you've completed all of these assignments, you're free to race about the city without encountering any traffic. What else are you seeking? Start the game immediately and enjoy the game's thrilling moments. Make sure you check out other cool games on our site such as Highway Road Racing and Top Speed Racing 3D.


Player 1 uses WASD to move, F for nitro, T to look back, R to respawn, Space to brake.

Player 2 uses arrow keys to move, K for nitro, O to respawn, L to look back, and right Shift to brake.

Who developer game?

Mega City Stunts was developed by RHM Interactive. Play it for free at

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