Mega City Missions is the latest driving and racing game at yiv best games. This game includes 2 fun game types that may be played alone or with a buddy on the same device. The modes include Free Driving Career and Racing.

In Free Driving and Career modes, you are free to navigate and overcome whatever challenges you encounter. In addition, there are sixteen tasks to do to gain GPs. Some missions take place in the stunt ring, some are set inside the city, while others include transportation, racing, and bomb explosion. The GPs you win for completing missions are used to unlock different vehicles and wheels. However, if you play this option in single-player form, you may investigate these missions, but in two-player mode you can just drive about freely.

Next, we have the Racing mode at Here, there are a total of 5 races, and to unlock the next one, you must be the first race to reach the finish line in the current level. Each race consists of four laps and consists of competition with three other competitors.

This mode also offers a 1-player mode and 2-player mode. In the 2-player mode, you will race against a single opponent instead of three in the single-player game. In addition to two spectacular single-player and multiplayer game modes, you may acquire six more vehicles for your garage, each with its unique abilities. You may change the care's pain and wheel settings.

What else are you seeking? Prepare to compete and race to the finish line. We are constantly updating new games for players around the world. Get ready for your exciting journey now. You also have the opportunity to participate in other similar games such as Halloween Lonely Road Racing. Please use different moves and win this game.


Player 1 uses WASD to move, R to restart and T to look back. Player 2 uses arrow keys to move, O to restart and L to look back.

Who developer game?

Mega City Missions was developed by RHM Interactive. Play it for free at

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