Welcome to Liquid Puzzle Sort The Color online game at Are you ready to start having fun right away? There will be a lot of intriguing elements in the game. There are many new things for you to discover. You will be resting and battling with your mates while playing. Are you prepared to enjoy these attractions? We'll play together, and the game has a lot of new features. Your duty is straightforward. Return the glasses to their original watercolor painting. It's great if you join the online game Liquid Puzzle Sort The Color at yiv 10 games. Play now to get even more incredible sensations! We're going to try something completely different. It's a simple task. How do you win? Touch any glass to pour liquid, then touch any other glass to obtain colored water on top. Your aim is to fill each glass with only one color. You will pour water into the cups until there is only one color remaining in each. If you love this game, you can play some more games similar to Pop Words. Instructions: Use your mouse to join the game or tap on a mobile device. Who developer game? Liquid puzzle sort the color was developed by Playtouch. Play it for free at


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