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Kung Fu Sparrow is a highly addictive game that boasts 50 engaging levels filled with endless fun. Once you start playing, you'll find it hard to stop. In this game, available at Yiv 10 Unblocked, you assume the role of a kung fu master who must face a multitude of enemies. As you move through the ruthless and icy city, you'll use your kung fu skills to defeat them and restore peace to the city.

Your enemies will surround you, attempting to take your life. You'll need to hop and dash from wire to wire, kicking and slashing your way through each wave of attackers. Every enemy you face possesses unique powers and skills, so you'll need to rely on your keen senses and skillful movements to emerge victorious. Additionally, you'll have to face off against bosses who will test your abilities to the limit. But with your kung-fu prowess and experience, you'll be able to overcome these challenges and emerge victorious.

This Fighting Games category game features 50 levels, 20 belts, 3 weapons, 10 locations, 3 missions, and 4 characters. You can unlock new weapons and characters by earning bread, the in-game currency. Completing missions will allow you to claim rewards. To progress through each level, you'll need to eliminate a certain number of enemies within a specific time limit, all while managing just 3 lives. If you run out of lives or time runs out, you'll have to restart the level. Show your foes who's boss and prove that you are the greatest kung fu master in the city! Win each deadly battle and enjoy your time in other games such as World Of Fighters: Iron Fists and Stickman Fighting 2 Player.


WASD to move and Space to hit or mouse to move and left mouse to hit.

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IT-Hype developed this game. Play it for free at

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