Descriptions Game: is another multiplayer online game that you can play for free at yiv online. Similar to previous IO games, there is always a goal to achieve. Here, your primary objective is to reach the top of the scoreboard. You must go around and murder other players with your ball and chain for it to come true. To beat an opponent, you must rely on your abilities and good fortune, since you can only control your character's movement and have no influence over the ball and chain. The ball and chain will revolve around your character, killing any opponent that enters its movement area. When you beat an opponent, your character will grow in size. Bigger is better.

Just like most IO games at, growing bigger brings you some advantages. The attack's range will increase. However, as a novice who has just entered the arena, you should not approach any opponents. You are not prepared at this time. Keep your distance from individuals that are larger than you. Be cautious in all directions if you don't want to be accidentally struck by your opponents' chain and ball. To protect your life, you must exercise caution as soon as you emerge on the map. It is very difficult to survive, and it is more than 100 times more difficult to reach the top of the scoreboard. You may need to devote a great deal of your leisure time to practice. However, each time you fail and continue the game, you will acquire valuable experience and learn something that will help you play better the following time. The latest games will help you learn the experience and skills you have not seen in other games. Do not hesitate any longer but enjoy our game world with some games like Check this game!


Arrow keys / WASD to move Mouse to move your ball and chain.

Who developer game? was developed by LapaMauve. Play it for free at

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