Kings of Blow is yet an exciting game. It offers unique gameplay that will make you laugh and have a good time, just like many other games at Yiv 10. The game is about blowing, as the name suggests. You and your opponent are seated across from each other. A tube connects the two. There is food in the tube, and your objective is to blow hard and quickly in order to drive it into your opponent's mouth. That's all. On the screen, there are two buttons. One is the inhalation button, and the other is the exhalation button. A lung is located above your character's head.

When you're out of breath, immediately press or click the inhale button. After the lung is full with air, you swiftly tap or click on the inhale button until your opponent sucks the food out of the tube. You win and receive a prize of some coins. Coins may be used to increase your lung capacity. Here at, upgrading is important. By upgrading, you increase the amount of air in your lungs, allowing you to blow out more air and take fewer breaths. After each victory, you will face a more difficult opponent. Have a great gaming time and you will have many more wonderful experiences with the following games: Healing Rush.


Tap or click.

Who developer game?

Kings of Blow was developed by YAD.Com. Play it for free at


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