Kick The Poppy is a fun puzzle game in which the objective is to make the ball strike Poppy. Poppy also known as Huggy Wuggy is the main character of so many exciting games that you can play for free at yiv 10. There is a ball stuck in a box, three stars, several obstacles, and Huggy Wuggy visible.

To cause the ball to strike Huggy Wuggy, the ball must be released from the box. The ball will then roll. However, the ball must overcome several hurdles before it can reach Huggy Wuggy. The focus is on how to use the box. It implies that when you need the ball to stop, you re-enclose it in a box, and when you want it to continue rolling, you release it from the box. The instant you do it determines your success.

When the ball passes through a star, you will get it. However, collecting all three stars is not required to complete a level. As soon as the ball reaches Poppy, you will have achieved success.

Like other level-based games at, the difficulty won’t be the same from the first level to the last one. It will grow with each level. The first level is difficult, therefore you should prepare for the difficulties in following levels. You will get no assistance in this game. If you fail a level, your only option is to restart it.

There is no method to reverse the ball's roll. Observe and formulate a strategy before taking action. The latest new games we updated in the same list with this game like Football Qatar 2022. You will save them on the list of favorite games and participate when there is free time.


Tap or click.

Who developer game?

Kick The Poppy was developed by SoulHouse Games. Play it for free at

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