What is Infinity Golf all about?

Don't miss out on Yiv Online Games' latest collection of exciting sports games if you're a fan of online sports. Among them is Infinity Golf, a straightforward golf game that offers endless entertainment. You can enjoy this game solo, using your mouse and its buttons to control the direction and power of your shots. Simply follow the game instructions and overcome all the challenges that come your way. With practice, you'll soon be sinking holes with just one skillful swing.

Each level of Infinity Golf presents unique obstacles, requiring careful aim and a strategy to minimize the number of shots taken. The game offers a variety of golf clubs to choose from, so select the one that suits you best. Engage with fellow players and exchange golf tips as you all strive to conquer every difficult task in the online realm. Gamers seeking success and advancement in online games will find satisfaction in golf versions, with accessible achievements.

Explore the realm of sports games and curate your own personalized game list by making the right choices. We are here to assist players in discovering and mastering every game, providing a diverse range of lessons to learn. If you've always been passionate about sports and desired to improve your skills, but have been held back by constraints such as time, money, or work, worry no more. By joining our multitude of games, you can find ample opportunities to conquer all the challenging tasks within the Sports Games category. Save your favorite games to your list, allowing you to revisit them time and again, until you become a true master.

Once accomplished, you can proudly claim your position on the online game leaderboard whenever you desire. Learn to make strategic choices regarding movement direction, and soon you will navigate this online gaming world with unmatched finesse.


Left click to find the golf course to the final finish with the number of moves.

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Xenolia developed this game. Play it for free at

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