Impostor Station is an entertaining and difficult puzzle game that puts your vision to the test. It's another easy yet difficult game at Yiv 10 Games. You must locate 17 phases, which correspond to 17 impostors. You locate a certain imposter roughly 3-5 times in each step. If you ever discover the wrong target, you fail and go to the next level. In a group of multiple impostors, the one you must discover will flash and become yellow for a few seconds before the rest of them begin to move. Keep an eye out for the impostor and click or tap on him to unmask him. When you succeed, that gang of impostors will welcome a new member and relocate.

You must keep following the yellow imposter until all movements are finished. You get gold every time you click or tap on the correct impersonator. The most difficult level may be the one in space, when all of the impostors move so quickly and the screen shakes nonstop. At, this is a game in which you must gaze at an object. If you blink, you will lose track and the only thing you can do is randomly click or touch on a target in the hope that it is the one you are looking for. Hence, a tip you should keep in mind is to try not to blink in order to keep an eye on the target without losing trace. When you're in space, tap asteroids to gather gold and get additional points. Everything revolves around the game.

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