Descriptions Highway Road Racing Game:

Highway Road Racing is an entertaining car game where you may get the fantastic driving game you're searching for. With a garage full of hot sports cars, awesome graphics, easy control mechanics, three fantastic game modes, and more, this yiv 10 unblocked game is worth your time. It has three distinct game modes: One-Way, Two-Way, and Time-Attack.

In One-Way and Two-Way modes, the objective is to go as far as possible without a time constraint. The farther you go, the more points and coins you will get. The more points you gain along your adventure, the more coins you get at the conclusion. To earn more points, pass cars and trucks as closely as possible on the road, and when you pass many cars closely in a row, you will receive a combination of points.Earning money allows you to unlock new and improved vehicles in the marketplace.

At, in Time-Attack mode, your main objective is the same as in One-Way and Two-Way modes. The only difference is that you must accomplish your objective within 100 seconds. It implies that within 100 seconds, you must go as far as you can. Prepare yourself for the excitement and joy that the game will provide. You may engage in high-speed competition with other automobiles on the roadway. However, observe the turn signal lights of the cars in front of you to determine which lanes they are moving into to prevent collisions. If you collide with any vehicles, the game is over. Have your speed requirements been met? There are countless games with different themes available to you today. In addition, you can also expand your game world with numerous other similar games like Top Speed Racing 3D.


Arrow keys or WASD.

Who developer game?

Highway Road Racing was developed by Hit Games. Play it for free at

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