Heroball Adventures is, as its name suggests, an adventure game featuring both friendship and adventures. Help Red Ball rescue all of his companions from the clutches of evil. At, an evil catches every single ball in the town while Red ball is sleeping. Not sure why he has not been apprehended. It is now time to save his buddies, not to discover the explanation.

On each level, the player must free a pal from a cage and gather as many stars as possible. You have three hearts for each quest. You lose a heart if you contact an enemy or one of the traps. When you fall into the water, though, your quest abruptly ends. Therefore, be cautious with every action if you don't want to lose all three hearts. The star serves as the game's currency, and stars are utilized to acquire different skins for the beloved Red Ball.

On yiv 10 games, it’s ok to miss some stars along the way but don’t leave your friend behind. They must be saved. This game also has puzzle aspects. It is evident in the way you use things to assist you in overcoming the barriers or figuring out the most efficient approach to getting the key. The key opens the gate so that you may pass. You have no unique abilities or weapons in this area. Therefore, you cannot assault adversaries.

When you spot them, you should leap over them to avoid being hurt. In subsequent stages, you'll encounter further surprises. Ensure that you are constantly prepared to face impending obstacles. Do not miss the game if you are ready for the upcoming special things. In addition, we also introduce players to similar new games with this interesting game such as Towers: Card Battles.


Arrow keys or WASD to move and jump.

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