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Funny Shooter 2 at yiv kids games is a fun game where you fight hordes of silly enemies. Use different weapons to kill these horrible monsters and improve them as you go. Immerse yourself in this exciting universe. The gameplay is fluid, and the 3D visuals are excellent. Multiple weird foes to shoot and destroy. Purchase weapons and modifications from the store. Accomplish milestones to get gold awards. Try to explore as many levels as possible in this game. We shall hone our shooting abilities. They wear a lot of brightly colored clothing, making them easy to spot. Very hilarious.

Get started with Funny Shooter 2 online at yiv shooting games and share a lot of fun for your friends to enjoy. Invite them to play together to help them unwind. Your objective is to defeat every opponent. You will observe them from a distance, aim your weapons at them, and then unleash fire to destroy the lives of these moronic individuals. This enthralling game will captivate you with its straightforward gameplay and captivating visual style. In the midst of a wide green field, you will shoot adversaries while wading through a forest of green trees. You will use maximum effort and seek in all directions to locate the object.

When you glance at them, discharge your weapon. You will win the game and decimate your opponents. You will establish your reputation in this thrilling shooting sport. Stop the enemy from accessing your land by pursuing them. You will attempt to eliminate it as rapidly as possible. Because ammunition is scarce, do not miss a shot. Observe and perform well! Practice more shooting skills while playing some other games similar to Archer Master at


Use the WASD key to move, the mouse and spacebar.

Who developer game?

Funny Shooter 2 was developed by GoGoMan. Play it for free at

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