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As its name, Funny Ragdoll Wrestlers will bring you hours of joy by its awesome and fun gameplay at Intriguingly, you may play this game either with a friend or family member or against the computer, since there are both 1-player and 2-player modes available. You will enter the ring for a total of five rounds. To win, you must punch and execute the special attack when it's available in order to deplete your opponent's HP. You cannot complete a round in a few seconds if you know how to employ techniques. In addition to performing a special attack to knock out your opponent more quickly, you may also push him out of the ring. This is the quickest method for ending a round. However, be cautious since your opponent may use the same strategy.

On yiv games unblocked, another tip you should keep in your mind is to punch the opponent non-stop. If you stop, you offer your opponent the opportunity to knock you out, which will terminate your life. Punching relentlessly will assure your triumph. Do not underestimate your computer opponent, since he is more skilled than you believe. If you play this game with a buddy, the gameplay experience will be enhanced. Dealing with a real opponent makes the game more entertaining and competitive. The game does not offer any unlockable goods or skins. With your ferocious blows, the triumph is yours. Have a great time here and don’t forget to try other games such as Stick Duel: Medieval Wars.


Player 1: WS to move, AD to punch, and E to take special hits.

Player 2: Up/down arrow keys to move, right/left arrow keys to punch, and right shift to take special hits.

Who developer game?

Funny Ragdoll Wrestlers was developed by RHM Interactive. Play it for free at

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