Welcome to Funny Battle Simulator 2 at Send in kamikaze warriors armed with explosives. Look at how the bear with the shotgun fires at the opponent. Control a massive elephant and destroy all adversaries. Shark racers can be used to attack adversaries. Demonstrate your tactical abilities. Consider the map's landscape. Demonstrate that you are the world's finest champion. When you play this game, you will experience a variety of intriguing sensations.

Are you ready to take part in this exciting game? You not only have a lot of experience, but you're also getting better at fighting. What exactly are you waiting for? Begin right now. Your adversaries are waiting for you. Conquer all the challenges when you join the online game Funny Battle Simulator 2 at Yiv10 gameHave a great time. Battles that are massive and amazing. Units that are unique and entertaining. Strong enemies, eye-catching and vibrant visuals Players will be unable to the appealing music in the combat. Build a powerful army and finish fast and victorious. If you love this game, you can play some more games similar to Stickman Archero Fight.


Use mouse to play the game.

Who developer game?

Funny Battle Simulator 2 was developed by GoGoMan. Play it for free at


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