Fps Assault Shooter online game at yiv 10 online is an intensive video game with lethal weapons and their graphics, thrilling situations, a ranking system, leveling up, and weapon upgrades. Choose your weapon for strike combat as a shooter, battle your foes, and improve your weaponry to become a part of our triumphs in this traditional assault shooting game. The very first time you play, you will adore the game.

Are you ready to start and join the challenge of this game? Everyone will participate in the exciting game. We will conquer all fresh and unique levels. Play with your pals and share in their enjoyment. You will perform an excellent job. Let's engage in exploration together. You will play frantically as an unbeaten warrior.

Join the online game Fps Assault Shooter at and feel the tough challenges. Demonstrate the valor of a soldier, and you will battle without hesitation to eliminate the enemy. You will choose your preferred nation. You will demonstrate more of your shooting abilities. Explore, have fun, and unwind. Play as the hero in the conflict, and choose the theme and amount of playable items.

Vivid graphic design will captivate you. You will play and teach other players these tactics. There will be several obstacles to overcome. You have no hesitation in overcoming them? Accept all challenges immediately! You'll be in the duel if you defeat all of your opponents. This is a great opportunity for you to experience some other games similar to Stickman Archer Warrior. More fun!


Use WASD or arrow keys to move. Left mouse button to shoot. Right mouse button to aim. G to throw grenades. H for armor.

Who developer game?

FPS Assault Shooter was developed by Great Games. Play it for free at

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