Welcome to the Football Qatar 2022 is the latest football game in 2022 at yiv online. You will get the opportunity to show off your abilities and defeat the opposition side in every battle, thanks to the game's two incredible game types. A match lasts 90 seconds, and similar to previous football games, the side with the most goals is the victor.

You may pick 1vs1 or 2vs2 option in both modes. In all modes, your ultimate objective is to score as many goals as possible to defeat the opposition squad. In Cup Competition, you must win several matches and play against multiple rival teams to advance to the final round and bring home the coveted champion cup, however in Friendly Match, you only need to participate in one match. It is wonderful and exciting to see your team's name in the Cup Competition's latter rounds of the soccer league standings.

Here at, don’t stand still. You must maneuver around to shoot and block the opposite team's ball. Your opponent will capitalize on any opportunity to score. They also attempt to prevent you from scoring. You will fool them with your deception. Keep in mind that you only have 90 seconds to win the game.

While attempting to score, you must be vigilant to safeguard your goal. Do not allow the opposition team to score. Break a leg, and it is time to prove yourself on the football field. Don't forget to click and join one of the games to help you reduce stress completely free. We also update other similar games for online game players such as Football Crash and Street Basketball. You are a good player who used to participate.


Player 1: Uses arrow keys to move, and Z/X to shoot.

Player 2: Uses WASD to move, and K/L to shoot.

Who developer game?

Football Qatar 2022 was developed by SamiGa. Play it for free at

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