All of the planets in the solar system no longer spin in their orbits. They'll go on a roller coaster. Do you wish to join them? Prepare to roll with your favorite planet through the wildest tunnel ever in Crazy Tunnel 3D at yiv10. This tunnel is filled with hazardous dangers that might cause your planet to shatter if you are not careful. It's similar to an infinite runner game in which your main goal is to get as far as possible. However, there will be no power-ups to obtain in this game. It's simply a matter of rolling and avoiding obstructions. Surprisingly, each part of the tunnel has a distinct design. It appears that you will get a variety of gaming experiences in only one game. To avoid obstacles, you may just need to move to the left or right. To avoid dangerous traps, you must sometimes spin around the tunnel. Additionally, you must hop over the barrier. Your hand-eye coordination and reflexes will be tested.

You don’t have time to rest in this challenging game at You must pay attentive and not move your gaze away from the screen. Continue on to establish your own record. Don't give up if you fail. Give it another shot and see if you can pass the previous achievement. Move sideways, spin around, evade, fly over obstacles, and unlock new planets before embarking on a fun rolling voyage with each of them. As previously said, it is similar to but not identical to an infinite runner game. While playing, you will uncover something new and unusual. Check it out and don’t forget to experience other games such as Kings of Blow.


Left/right arrow keys or mouse.

Who developer game?

Crazy Tunnel 3D was developed by No Outlinks. Play it for free at


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