City Runner is the latest multiplayer online IO game at Yiv 10 Games Online where you are a runner. The city's annual running competition is about to begin, and you're one of the competitors. Your primary goal is to become the quickest runner in the city. Can you beat out the other great runners to win the title? Play till you find the solution. Five runners, including you, compete in a race, and the winner advances to the next round. Your character will automatically advance, and the only thing you can do is move him to the left or right.

This game is about more than just running straight to the finish line. While running, you must dodge several obstacles. You won't die if you hit any of those obstacles, but you will slow down, giving your opponents an opportunity to pass you.

Here at, as mentioned previously, you can’t make your character stop or speed up but you can run through the speed-booster pads to accelerate. These pads have the ability to alter the rankings of all runners. Top 1 will be yours if you can use it. There are a lot of coins on the street. Collect coins to subsequently unlock additional characters. Good luck to you and you can find other interesting games on our site. Some of them are ….and……


Use MOUSE to play the game.

Who developer game?

City Runner was developed by SoulHouse Games. Play it for free at


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