Discover now the online game Cats Arena at yiv games. Accept exciting challenges while playing this game. In the game, you need to have a lot of experience to be attractive. We must engage in several novel and fascinating activities. The very first time you play, you will adore the game. Try to escape from this conflict. Join the space seals' brutal fight. You must score 30 points to win. For each point, you will get coins that may be used to enhance your look or purchase a pet. You will be given weapons to use against all of your opponents throughout the game. Pass them while slaying them.

Violent gameplay will be available in the online game Cats Arena at Engaging all players to participate in those challenges. Kill everyone in the room by moving through it. Are you pleased with your current circumstances? Attract everything and develop into the greatest combatant. You will possess more engaging combat tactics. Touch the adversaries to make them vanish. You will play fairly casually, but you must pay close attention so as not to lose any lives.

Very simple gameplay, eye-catching graphics, and vivid sound will give you a lot of different highlights. You will get absolutely fresh and distinct experiences. The version that eliminates the destructive space characters. Create for yourself the most appealing method of play. How many foes will you eliminate? How many levels do you plan to unlock? Try your agility. In addition, you also need to spend some time exploring other favorite games updated at the website such as Paper Fighter 3D.


Use the mouse to control, and the left mouse to speed up the character.

Who developer game?

Cats Arena was developed by Art L. Play it for free at

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