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The second sequel of the popular Bubble Shooter Arcade game has come to yiv free games. Bubble Shooter Arcade 2 is an extended version with additional gameplay, a new bubble swapping function, and gorgeous visuals. Your primary purpose in this game is to pop as many bubbles as possible, as quickly as possible. Otherwise, the army of bubbles will attack you, and you will lose.

Do you observe a bar at the base of the display? This is a timer. Every 15 seconds, while this bar is empty, two new rows of bubbles are added, and the game must be restarted until the bubbles reach the bottom. Your bubble-shooting journey concludes sooner or later, based on your own actions. If you can consistently prevent the bubbles from touching the bottom, you will establish a record for high points. You already know the rule, don't you? Simply fire the bullet ball at more than two identically colored bubbles to remove them.

Like other options of the same genre at, if the bubble bullet hits a ball of a different color, it adds one ball to the bubble army. You may alter the bubble in your shooter if the following bullet's bubble color does not match any of the previous groups. When you destroy several bubbles, your power meter will fill up more quickly. As a result, you will receive a specific bubble sooner. You may fire this unique bubble anywhere, and any other bubbles that contact it will collapse. Utilize it, and it will remove you from danger. Don't miss the chance to win and share with your friends to join them in this special game. Other new games are for you like Memory Speed.


Use mouse on desktop or touch on your mobile device.

Who developer game?

Bubble Shooter Arcade 2 was developed by SOFTGAMES. Play it for free at

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