Prepare yourself for the exhilarating game of Blob Tank Wars. Where your ultimate goal is to obliterate your opponent's tank before yours meets its demise. Achieving a total of 5 points will secure your victory. Are you ready to embrace the thrill of triumph? Engage in an epic battle that allows you to compete against either the CPU or a friend on the same device. Positioned on the left side of the screen is your formidable tank, while your adversary's tank awaits on the right side. However, there are various obstacles obstructing your path, impervious to the destructive force of blob balls.

When your blob balls hit barriers, they rebound and vanish if they miss the target. Each successful strike upon your opponent rewards you with 1 point, and the first contender to amass 5 points claims the title of victor. Unlike traditional turn-based tank confrontations, you are encouraged to relentlessly bombard your opponent without pause, refusing to await their offensive moves. Occasionally, you will come across special items that materialize between you and your foe. Aim your blob balls towards these objects to collect them.

These items bestow numerous advantages upon you, such as augmenting the quantity of blob balls your tank fires or increasing their size. Naturally, akin to other captivating games on Yiv 10 Unblocked. The effects of these special items are temporary and dissipate after a few seconds. Strive to unleash as many well-aimed shots as possible, showcasing your remarkable precision. The game will become more competitive when you play it with your friend and of course, your gaming experience will be better as well. If you want to play more shooting games as cool as this one. Here are some options for you Block Craft Zombie Attack and Mine Shooter: Huggy’s Attack!.


AD and left/right arrow keys.

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RHM Interactive developed this game. Play it for free at

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Tank, Battle, 2 Player,


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